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Flek integrated approach to AI Analytics supports various AI citizens and organizations of different needs and sizes.

Users & Clients


By automating machine learning

and providing a unified approach

to AI analytics, Flek supports diverse

users within an organization.

Particularly, Flek targets AI

citizens and IT professionals:

  • Data scientists and statisticians

  • Programmer and data engineers

  • Business analysts

​​SME & Enterprises

As a foundational tool for AI Analytics, Flek models are shared for both exploratory and predictive activities running at the same time (similar to how SQL databases are utilized today). Particularly, Flek helps organizations with varied needs and sizes, including :

  • SME (small to medium enterprises) that need to apply ML techniques to their data while they cannot afford a full-time data scientists.

  • Larger Enterprises that need a fully integrated platform to helps answer mixed AI questions – without drowning in a swamp of complex models and pipelines that are very difficult to maintain and share among different users and applications. 

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