Flek's unique approach to AI and machine learning empowers users and opens up a whole new world of use cases.

Unique Features


Flek presents a unique approach to AI and machine learning. With its probabilistic modeling and programming toolset, it opens up a whole new world of use cases.


Flek powerful ML engine and database-like pipeline makes it possible to:

  • Develop engine driven applications that dynamically query, mine and predict using a probabilistic model instead a fixed mathematical model or formula.

  • Run both exploratory and predictive analytics using a unified probabilistic model generated via a machine learning.

  • Model complex events that do not fit any known probability distribution.

  • Build adaptable models that capture all variations in multivariate data with little training and tuning.

  • Discover insights by means of probabilistic pattern search and scan of the joint and conditional probability distributions.

  • Perform Algorithmic Probability Programming (APP), which is a newly invented paradigm that enables working with probability at a higher level of abstraction.

  • Easily interpret and visualization the results of probabilistic reasoning and trace the rules used during inference.