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Flek's approach to AI and machine learning opens up a whole new world of unique and innovative features.

Unique Features


Flek enables a unique approach to AI and machine learning. With its probabilistic modeling and programming toolset, it offers a series of innovative features.


Flek powerful core ML engine makes it possible to:

  • Model complex events that do not fit any known probability distribution.

  • Auto-discover interesting associations, rules, relations, anomalies or causal relationships.

  • Search for probabilistic patterns hidden in the model by iteratively scanning the full joint and conditional probability distributions.

  • Develop ML-driven applications that dynamically query and mine the learned probabilistic model.

  • Run both forward and backward prediction and classification activities.

  • Perform a combination of both profile and item based recommendation tasks

  • Run machine learning in a database-like pipeline that serves models similar to the way models are built and shared in SQL databases today.

  • Perform Algorithmic Probability Programming (APP) - a new paradigm that enables users to work with probability at a higher level of abstraction.

  • Build semi-supervised models that self adjust with new data, while needing little training and tuning.

  • Easily interpret and visualization the results of probabilistic reasoning and trace the rules used during inference.

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