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The Flek Machine, at its core, is a bit mining machine that learns a probabilistic model from event data.

Technical Glance


     Platform AI      Platform for ML, analytics and prediction

   Core Engine      Machine Learning and Probability Machine

      Input Data      Binary, Categorical, Boolean, Discretized Numerical

    Model Store      Nuggets forming a Universal Probabilistic Model

  Classification      Binary-class, Multi-class, Multi-label

  Programming      Python APP Toolkit of APIs, Algorithms & Utilities

   Deployment       FlekServer: Standalone, Local, Remote

   Visualization      Plots & Charts: Bar, Pie, Scatter, Heatmap, etc

        Analytics      Association, Influencer, IF-THEN Rules, Joint &

                            Conditional Probability, Causal Relationship,

                            Anomaly, Polymaly, Prediction, Recommendation

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