Flek offers unique capabilities that cater for data science citizens working in both SME and Large Enterprise customers.

Target Users


​​SME & Enterprises

By automating many aspects of machine learning and providing an integrated platform, Flek can cater for both:

  • Small to medium enterprises (SME) that need to apply ML and cannot afford a full-time data scientists.

  • Larger enterprises that want to run advanced AI analytics that cannot be developed with current machine learning tools and techniques.


Data Science Citizens

From a users' perspective, Flek is intended for the data science citizens and IT professionals like data scientists, statisticians, analysts and programmers who need advanced toolset that integrates ML, exploration, prediction and probabilistic programming in one unified ML pipeline.

With its core engine and Python toolkit, Flek also makes it easier for organizations to design advanced ML-driven applications using the newly developed 
gorithmic Probability Programming (APP) approach.