As a Probability Machine, Flek offers unique capabilities that can be applied in multiple domains and for various use cases.

Target Applications


​​Use Cases & Problems Solved

The Flek Machine with its unique features is geared towards new use cases of AI that require next-generation probabilistic modeling and advanced analytics under uncertainty. For example:

  • Simulation and WHAT-IF analysis

  • Understanding customer behavior and profile analysis

  • Segmentation and recommendation

  • Online campaigning and survey analysis

  • Demand forecasting and supply chain decision

  • Anomaly and Fault detection

  • Actuarial services and risk calculation

  • Drug testing and disease treatment

Domains & Market Segments

Thanks to its probabilistic foundation and non-experimental pipeline, Flek can meet the demands of a wide range of domains and market segments, including:

  •  Supply Chain

  •  Marketing

  •  IoT

  •  Actuarial Services

  •  Behavioral Analysis

  •  Event Detection

  •  Bio-Statistics & Pharmaceuticals

  •  Financial Services


Target Users & Enterprises

By automating many aspects of machine learning and providing a scalable architecture, Flek can cater for both:

  • Small to medium enterprises (SME) that need to apply ML and cannot afford a full-time data scientists.

  • Larger enterprises that want to run advanced AI analytics that cannot be developed with current machine learning tools and techniques.


From a users' perspective, Flek is intended for the data scientists as well as other IT professionals like statisticians, analysts and programmers who need advanced toolset that integrates ML, exploration, prediction and probabilistic programming in one unified ML platform.