The Flek Machine is a specialized Probability Machine, it represents a natural step in the AI evolution towards Real-AI.

What is a probability machine?

A Probability Machine is a special kind of ML engine that automates building probabilistic models from semi-structured data. It is an invention and a major contribution to the field of probability.


Contrary to treating models as algorithms or formulas, models built and managed by a probability machine act like database models – i.e. they can be updated, queried and explored for analytical purposes or prediction. Also, instead of working with probabilities as distributions, the machine treats them as Nuggets which can be interpreted, stored, fetched, mined and used in computations as first class objects.


Why build a Probability Machine?

Actually, why not build a probability machine and why did it take so long?

Today we have machines to do all sorts of work. Therefore, it is a natural step in AI evolution to build a learning machine that takes us beyond machine learning. Given the history of probability and its profound influence on statistics and machine learning, we believe that the first step towards intelligent systems starts by building a Probability Machine.

Model, Interpret, Visualize, Understand


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