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The Flek Machine is an integrated platform for machine learning, probabilistic modeling and AI analytics.

AI Platform

Our Flek Machine includes 3 integrated components:

   1. FlekML - Core machine learning engine 

                     and probability machine

   2. FlekServer - Running server in standalone,

                           local or remote modes

   3. Toolkit - Python library and SDK


​FlekML is the core machine learning engine with a core Probability Machine inside. It builds models by learning Nuggets from the semi-structured data. It then stores these models into memory, files or a database. FlekML also serves user the stored Nuggets when they query and mine or when they search for probabilistic patterns.

Flek Server runs the core engine in multiple modes: standalone, local or remote (cloud), which makes it easy to test locally or deploy on a larger scale on the cloud. To safeguard its data, all communication is conducted over HTTPS with built-in security safeguards.


Python Toolkit and library for AI analytics includes a suite of components that enable users to: query, mine, discover, explore, make predictions or run recommendations. It also includes APIs to help prepare data, visualize and interact with the stored models as well as components to validate and trace the results of a prediction task.

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