By integrating exploration & prediction, the Flek Machine empowers users to discover actionable insights in their data.

Explore & Predict


Flek makes it simple for data scientists citizens to conduct in-depth exploratory data analysis. Users can easily dive into details, uncover probabilistic patterns or spot anomalies. They can also get more insight by running predictions on new data unseen before.

Let's suppose you are a product manager and want to explore customers' sentiment; or you are a loan manager and want to categories new loan applicants based on their riskiness; or maybe you are a healthcare analyst and want to predict which patients may suffer from diabetes given their medical history.

All these activities can simply be categorized into two: exploration and prediction. It is often the case that data scientists and statistician perform exploratory and predictive analytics on their data using a diverse set of tools and ML techniques.


With Flek, however, they can use a single probabilistic framework to tackle these complex tasks. They can also utilize its unified machine learning pipeline to interact with the stored model, query for analytics, mine interesting associations and rules or make predictions against fresh data on the fly.