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Our mission and our story

About GoFlek



Our mission at GoFlek is to help businesses answer complex AI questions and gain insights from their semi-structured data. The Flek Machine, our integrated AI framework makes it easy to do AI Analytics.

​​Customers don't have to spend more time in building different models to answer different questions. Instead, they spend their time running queries, mining insights or making predictions using automatically generated and shared probabilistic models - very much like how databases and SQL models are build and used today.

Overall, our technology bridges the wide gap between modelling, application development and insight discovery by providing a unified platform and integrated toolset that unlocks the power of probabilistic math and algorithmic probability programming.


The company was founded in 2017 by a team who are dedicated to this mission. Their goal is to develop the next generation AI engine and toolset that allow data science citizens to build advanced probabilistic models and run sophisticated predictive analytics on premise or over the cloud.

What we offer is shaped by wisdom gained from failures and successes in founding multiple start-ups as well as in working in companies across the globe. Many of the ideas that went into the design and implementation of the Flek Machine are fresh and are quite different from main stream machine learning toolset. Few other ideas were fermenting over the past 25 years and were an outgrowth of experience in various fields like: Fuzzy Logic, DBKit, Big Data, large scale IT systems and hosting over the cloud.

Please reach out and contact us if you have a question or would like to know more about our company or product.

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