AI platform for probabilistic modelling and application development



  • Predictive Analysis

  • Recommendation

  • Classification

  • Pattern Discovery

  • Probabilistic Modeling

  • Ranking

  • What If Analysis

  • Anomaly Detection

How it Works


Integrated pipeline for advanced machine learning

Workflows that allow
both explorative and
predictive analytics


Scalable architecture to run various work loads

Run ML engine in stand- alone, local or on a remote server hosted on the cloud


Powerful toolkit
for analytics
and visualization

Integrated Toolkit to query, mine, predict, explore,  interpret & visualizes

The Flek Machine platform lets businesses answer AI & BI questions by making it easy to run analytics and explain results.


Flek is simple to use and deploy because it uses existing data, people skills and pipelines found within an enterprise.

Data science professionals can automatically build complex machine learning models from semi-structured data, then use these probabilistic models for exploratory and predictive analytics to gain insight.

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