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Making AI simple and powerful
Unified Probabilistic Framework
for AI Analytics

How it Works


Integrated pipeline for machine learning

Database-like pipeline that allows to query, mine, explore, discover, predict & recommend


Scalable architecture to run workloads

Run Flek Engine and Server in 3 modes: stand-alone, local or remote over HTTP


Advanced Probabilistic ML Framework

Integrating the FlekML Engine, Server and Python Toolkit for advanced AI Analytics


Use Cases

Flek probabilistic engine and python toolkit allows users to execute 6 main Use Cases




  • Customer Journey Analysis

  • E-Commerce Recommendation

  • Online Conversion Investigation

  • Causal & Influencer Investigation

  • Medical Test Prediction

  • Insurance Claim Decision

  • Bias Detection & Analysis

  • Simulation & What If Analysis

  • Anomaly & Polymaly Detection

  • Campaign List Prediction

  • Factor Importance Analysis

The Flek Machine lets businesses answer intelligent questions by providing a unified probabilistic framework for AI Analytics.

Flek is simple to use and deploy because it leverages existing data and people skills found within an enterprise (no need to build new complex pipelines like other ML) 

AI citizens can auto-build their models from semi-structured data, then use them to mine, explore, predict and run recommendations. Thus, making it easy to get answers to questions or gain deeper insights into data.

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Industries we serve

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